Vlogging & Money

Smart Up Your Vlogging Career

It takes 2 years to make money on Youtube.

The costs to produce content are about $143.00 per video (including your time). Good content, however, only gets you so far. You need a solid marketing plan, technical support and product placements.

That’s a handful.

how do so many youtubers succeed?

It's simple. They all know there's a smart way that:

Your Vlogging success is a question of choice - make the right one now!


" Most vloggers fail because they don't have a supplementary plan "

A Supplementary Plan is a Strategy that:

A successful vlog takes time and money. Before you’ve even made a buck you’re 1000 hours in and have nothing to show for it. That’s what losers do.

You on the other hand can get $5.00 for your first video upfront. Moreover, you qualify for a $100.00 Vlogging eRaffle award!

This is what smart people like you do:

Take the fast lane to success.

But wait - that's not all!

While you’re working on your vlogging career, you’ll also generate passive income.

This is achieved by building your NoSu organization. Every time an order is generated you will receive a cut from it. With a few thousand members, you could easily have a steady cash flow to finance both your vlog and leave plenty for fun.

It will run like clockwork while you sleep.

One Feeds The Other

By having passive income at your disposal, you have more time and money to focus on your vlog.

You'll build both passive income streams AND an amazingly popular popular vlog at the same time.

It's a win-win situation.

Do you want to make money vlogging NOW? Or do you prefer to slave away for another couple of years?

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