The Secret Art of Making Money

Tyler Barnes


A No-Nonsense Handbook for Entrepreneurs




11.99 10.49

Short and sharp, this handbook teaches the art of making money like an arrow shoots for the goal – straight ahead.

Divided in distinct short chapters, you will keep coming back to it as you apply its principles in business.


Format: MP3 [ZIP]

Duration: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

Chapters: 21

Narrator: Ruth Golding

Language: English

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1 review for The Secret Art of Making Money

  1. Tim12

    A charming book about how to make honest money, by one of history’s greatest salesmen.
    Give it a listen just for the earnest advice from a person who loved making a dollar.

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when you suddenly make more than your boss.

It’s a feeling worth a million bucks.

Once you’ve built your

organization you’ll agree.


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