Power Collection [eBooks]

Wow! This Three-Piece Power Library infuses your mind with the stuff of champions.

Highly Recommended reading for the leaders of tomorrow.

36.75 22.99

Practical beyond its mere format, this triple-booster gives you 3 great books on Selling and Success Strategies.

Get the following legendary books for the price of two and then make your neighbor wonder how you achieve so much more every day!

You will get the following 3 amazing works – on one go:

  • ‘The Little Big Book of Selling Yourself’ by Frank Weston

    • Unprecedented in its scope, Weston’s classic selling book will serve you as a guide to achievement.
    • Learn how to sell yourself in any situation. Whether in your private life or in business, everything comes down to persuading others to do as you want them to.
    • Even when you’re doing well you can always do better – that’s where ‘The Little Big Book of Selling Yourself’ gives you that much needed boost.
  • ‘Get Ahead Now: Proven Principles of Success’ by Nick Fulton

    • Out of print for decades, this classic was long only known to insiders and collectors – until now.
    • Immensely popular among businessmen and educators, it sold out immediately upon release. Now, finally available again, you too can reap the fruits it has given so many others before. With a beautiful and short style, the book consists of dozens of short chapters. Easy to read and understand, they are among the most inspirational short talks ever given.
    • Learn everything you need to get ahead – whether in business or life.
  • ’54 Unbreakable Laws of Success’ by Nate Fowley

    • Comprising articles previously only available in obscure newspapers, the ’54 Unbreakable Laws of Success’ collects a staggering array of high quality business advice.
    • Written as he lived it, Fowley draws from his life experience and only recounts lessons derived from reality – not fantasy or the classroom. At the age of 21, Fowley was editor and publisher of a daily newspaper. Later, he entered business, in which he was very successful. During his last¬† years he devoted much
      of his time to educational matters, writing more than 25 books.
    • Fowley is unique in that he created the laboratory method of teaching business principles. This marked a new milestone in educational progress.
    • You too will derive priceless lessons from this method as you delve into this great masterpiece.


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