Light On Life's Difficulties

James Allen


Leave the dark world of ignorance by shining a light on what bothers you. Soon you will see it for what it is – and overcome it. Guaranteed.





When a man enters a dark room he is not sure of his movements. He cannot see the things around him. As such, he is likely to hurt himself by bumping into them. But let a light in, and all confusion disappears.

Everything is seen, and there is no danger of being hurt. To most people, life is that dark room. They often hurt themselves in it. Their pains are caused by contact with things which they do not see. They are simply not prepared to deal with them.

But when the light of wisdom shines upon the darkness, confusion vanishes and difficulties are dissolved. All things are seen for what they are.

Once you shine a light upon the world, you will walk open-eyed and never be hurt again.


Format: MP3

Duration: 2 Hours 25 Minutes

Chapters: 24

Narrator: Andrea Fiore

Language: English

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