Iron Will

O. S. Marden


The Path of an Iron Will is persistence. Nothing in the world takes its place. Persevere, and you will succeed.





To achieve what you want you have to be determined to persist. And to do that you must develop an iron will.
Full of quality advice, this book guides you through the steps to become invincible. You will learn how to overcome disappointments through self-belief and to achieve success through iron persistence.

If you have goals set out but still stumble over obstacles, this book is the miracle cure you have been looking for.
It will work. Believe me. Else we will refund your purchase within 30 days – that’s how much we believe in its power.

Format: MP3 [ZIP]

Duration: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

Chapters: 7

Narrator: Ruth Golding

Language: English

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when you suddenly make more than your boss.

It’s a feeling worth a million bucks.

Once you’ve built your

organization you’ll agree.


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