Gold Rush Pack [eBooks]

Whip up your Success Library with this Incredible Super-Bundle – no less than 9 Timeless Masterpieces that will serve your Quest for Ultimate Success!

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Just when it seemed like it couldn’t get any better this incredible super-bundle came around!

Super-charge your Success Library with no less than 9 Timeless Masterpieces on one swoop.

This Value-Bundle gives you the following Choice Volumes:


  • ‘The Little Big Book of Selling Yourself’ by Frank Weston

    • Unprecedented in its scope, Weston’s classic selling book will serve you as a guide to achievement.
    • Learn how to sell yourself in any situation. Whether in your private life or in business, everything comes down to persuading others to do as you want them to.
    • Even when you’re doing well you can always do better – that’s where ‘The Little Big Book of Selling Yourself’ gives you that much needed boost.
  • ‘Success: Master the Art of Achievement’ by Daniel B. Sinclair

    • Filled to the rim with wisdom, ‘Success’ truly lives up to its title. With a capital S!
    • Essentially a desk reference for high achievers and those yet to be, Sinclair’s masterpiece teaches you the rope of how to be successful.
    • Learn everything you need to get ahead – Be faster and smarter than anyone else – Master the art of achievement. (In that order!)
    • Get what you want now, not in 10 or 15 years. Stop struggling and start learning – and you’ll achieve your dreams sooner than you ever thought possible.
  • ‘Making It: 10 Iron Laws of Prosperity’ by John Mead

    • Highly pragmatic in its approach, Mead’s ‘Making It’ gives you 10 steps to achieve prosperity. Clear cut and no-frills, you will learn the ropes fast and effectively.
  • ‘Total Focus: Do More, Achieve More, Earn More’ by Chris Larson

    • Highly popular, Larson’s ‘Total Focus’ is so successful because it’s super-practical. It’s easy to read and provides you with top-notch ideas on how to attain Total Focus – in life, in business and anywhere between.
  • ‘Get Ahead Now: Proven Principles of Success’ by Nick Fulton

    • Out of print for decades, this classic was long only known to insiders and collectors – until now.
    • Immensely popular among businessmen and educators, it sold out immediately upon release. Now, finally available again, you too can reap the fruits it has given so many others before. With a beautiful and short style, the book consists of dozens of short chapters. Easy to read and understand, they are among the most inspirational short talks ever given.
    • Learn everything you need to get ahead – whether in business or life.
  • ’54 Unbreakable Laws of Success’ by Nate Fowley

    • Comprising articles previously only available in obscure newspapers, the ’54 Unbreakable Laws of Success’ collects a staggering array of high quality business advice.
    • Written as he lived it, Fowley draws from his life experience and only recounts lessons derived from reality – not fantasy or the classroom. At the age of 21, Fowley was editor and publisher of a daily newspaper. Later, he entered business, in which he was very successful. During his last  years he devoted much
      of his time to educational matters, writing more than 25 books.
    • Fowley is unique in that he created the laboratory method of teaching business principles. This marked a new milestone in educational progress.
    • You too will derive priceless lessons from this method as you delve into this great masterpiece.
  • ‘Sales Psychology’ by Coleman Hall Bush

    • The purpose of Sales Psychology is to give each of us a Realization of SUCCESS. It is to cause each one of us to grow into SUCCESS by letting “That Something” in us, which knows what WE SHOULD BECOME, lead us into complete SUCCESS.
    • This purpose must be attained through a constructive and a creative power of RIGHT THINKING. It is a HIGHER development and a HIGHER application of constructive thinking to a realization of SUCCESS. It gives us “LIFE MORE ABUNDANT” in successful living through growth in health, wealth, and happiness.
    • This, then, is the Purpose of Sales Psychology : It is to GIVE EACH OF US OUR OWN REALIZATION OF SUCCESS.
  • ‘The Secret Art Of Making Money’ by Tyler Barnes

    • Short and sharp, this handbook teaches the art of making money like an arrow shoots for the goal – straight ahead. Divided in numerous short chapters, you will keep coming back to it as you apply its principles in business.
  • ‘Yes-Can-Do! You, Your Success & How To Achieve It’ by George Abrams

    • There’s a person in the world who is never turned down. She is welcomed wherever she goes.
    • He’s the The Person Who Delivers The Goods. ‘Yes-Can-Do!’ is the guide that will turn you into that person. Divided into many short chapters, Abrams created a reference handbook for up-and-comers and those to be.
    • It’s about You, Your Success and how You will achieve it – that’s why You can’t ignore it.
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