Alpha Audiobook Collection [Ultimate Gold Edition]

Can you say, “Wow”?

That’s what we said when we realized the immense power this bundle packs.

You get a full 27 (!) Audiobooks that span the gamut from teaching you money success to health and happiness.

This is the one Audiobook home-course bundle that will change your life forever and make you rich beyond your dreams.

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Are you ready to get anything you want in Life?

Are you willing to learn the secrets of how to do it?

Are you ready to start NOW?

Congratulations! You have the right solution at your fingertips.

This seminal Alpha Audiobook Collection collects the most critically acclaimed works available.

You have a complete Audiobook library at your hand that will achieve more than just give you new ideas.

It will:

  • Grow your will power

  • Give you new direction

  • Teach you the art of money

  • Increase your personal happiness

  • Serve you as a full-time mentor

As stated, this is essentially a Dedicated Mentor you can rely on 24/7. There’s no question not answered in this collection, no confusion left unsolved, no obstacle left in the way – it’s the Swiss Knife of self-empowerment: A tool for every occasion.

Whether you simply want to improve your self-confidence or make a tonne of money – it’s all covered.

With a playtime of more than 90 hours, this outstanding value pack features the following classic audiobooks:

  • ‘The Secret Art of Making Money’ by Tyler Barnes

    • Short and sharp, this handbook teaches the art of making money like an arrow shoots for the goal – straight ahead.
      Divided in numerous short chapters, you will keep coming back to it as you apply its principles in business.
  • ‘He Can Who Thinks He Can’ by O. S. Marden

    • Do you have what it takes to be the person you want to be? This is a great self help book by the New Thought Movement author Orison Swett Marden. He included various essays on the principles that will lead to success in life. This book is a an outstanding treat for anyone who is  seeking for the golden opportunity in themselves. It is not in your environment; it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others.
    • It is in you alone.
    • Listen, learn and prosper!
  • ‘In Tune With Infinity’ by Ralph Waldo Trine

    • By connecting and harmonizing with the Universe we will attract love, health and success. What you sow you shall reap. Nowhere is this more true than in our inner world of thoughts.
    • Trines’ writings are among the most important to the “New Thought” movement. They proved vital for countless men and women seeking both to grow spiritually and financially.
  • ‘You Are What You Think’ by Bob Preston

    • This is one of the earliest books in New Thought teaching. It gives you steps on how to better your spiritual and physical life through the power of thought. Discover timeless spiritual wisdom that will enrich your life and deepen your understanding of he universe.
  • ‘Rockefeller: Random Thoughts on Men and Events’ by J. D. Rockefeller

    • As they say, “Men should listen to experience” – this book is all about the experience. Experience, that is, of the one of America’s greatest businessmen of all time.
    • To put it in the man’s own words, “I was early taught to work as well as play, My life has been one long, happy holiday; Full of work and full of play- I dropped the worry on the way- And God was good to me everyday”. Lean back and learn as the words of J.D. Rockefeller himself bestow wisdom upon you – in business, in life and anywhere in between.
  • ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu

    • The book that birthed nations and destroyed other. Its power is undisputed – apply at your own risk.
    • A Chinese military treatise written during the 6th century BC, it devotes 13 chapters to all aspects of war. Long praised as a bible of strategy, everyone from Napoleon, Patton or Rommel had a copy of it by their side at all times.
    • It is just as applicable to business and management and is the entry course for anybody striving to succeed in life.
  • ‘Passion And Peace’ by Arthur McDowell

    • The first three parts of this book, Passion, Aspiration, and Temptation, represent the common human life, with its passion, pathos, and tragedy. The last three parts, Transcendence, Beatitude, and Peace, represents the Divine Life—calm, wise and beautiful—of the sage and Savior. The middle part, Transmutation, is the transitional stage between the two; it is the alchemic process linking the divine with the human life. Discipline, denial, and renunciation do not constitute the Divine State; they are only the means by which it is attained. The Divine Life is established in that Perfect Knowledge which bestows Perfect Peace.
  • ‘Light On Life’s Difficulties’ by James Allen

    • When a man enters a dark room he is not sure of his movements. He cannot see the things around him. As such, he is likely to hurt himself by bumping into them. But let a light in, and all confusion disappears.
    • Everything is seen, and there is no danger of being hurt. To most people, life is that dark room. They often hurt themselves in it. Their pains are caused by contact with things which they do not see. They are simply not prepared to deal with them.
    • But when the light of wisdom shines upon the darkness, confusion vanishes and difficulties are dissolved. All things are seen for what they are.
    • Once you shine a light upon the world, you will walk open-eyed and never be hurt again.
  • ‘Above Life’s Turmoil’ by James Allen

    • The turmoil of the world can’t be avoided – but we can overcome the turmoil inside ourselves.
    • We can rise above all anxieties that concern life. Even in the midst of noise and strife, we can keep a quiet mind.
    • The 20 pieces that comprise this great book will point you toward higher self-knowledge. You will rise above the turmoil that may be in your life and remain serene, steady and calm.
  • ‘Iron Will’ by O. S. Marden

    • To achieve what you want you have to be determined to persist. And to do that you must develop an iron will.
      Full of quality advice, this book guides you through the steps to become invincible.
      You will learn how to overcome disappointments through self-belief and to achieve success through iron persistence.
    • If you have goals set out but still stumble over obstacles, this book is the miracle cure you have been looking for.
      It will work. Believe me. Else we will refund your purchase within 30 days – that’s how much we believe in its power.
  • ‘Initiative Psychic Energy’ by Warren Hilton

    • This timeless classic teaches you the foundations of achievement.
    • You will learn how to:
      • Accomplish your goals through increasing your mental power
      • Avoiding energy drains
      • Become more mentally efficient
  • ‘Complete Hypnotism: Learn How To Hypnotize for Fun & More’ by A. Alpheus

    • This book is written in terms that are comprehensible to the layman. The step-by-step instructions should afford the reader a means of acquiring self-hypnosis. The necessary material is here. The reader need only follow the instructions as they are given. It is the author’s hope that you will, through the selective use of self-hypnosis, arrive at a more rewarding, well-adjusted, and fuller life.
  • ‘How To Live On 24 Hours A Day’ by Arnold Bennett

    • Are you really ‘living’, or just existing?
    • Do you want to improve yourself or just continue to muddle through?
    • Do you use the time given you each day, or just throw most of it away?
    • These questions Bennett asks each of us and for those who want to really live and learn, offers very valuable advice. Time is the most precious of commodities. Bennett adds that the old adage “time is money” understates the matter, as time can often produce money, but money cannot produce more time.
    • Time is extremely limited, and Bennett urges you to make the best of the time remaining in their lives.
    • Do you live on twenty-four hours a day? And when I say “live,” I do not mean existing, or “muddling through.”
    • Are you free from that uneasy feeling that the “great spending departments” of his life are not managed as they ought to be?
    • Fear not. We never shall have any more time. We have, and we have always had, all the time there is.
  • ‘The Game of Life’ by F. S. Shinn

    • Florence Scovel Shinn, an illustrator living in New York City, became a teacher of New Thought after a divorce. New Thought was a movement which holds the belief that individuals can create their own reality through intentional thoughts and prayer, much like the current Law of Attraction movement. The Game of Life and How to Play It is her first book, and is meant for a genteel female audience.
  • ‘King of Mind & Body: Personal Growth’ by James Allen

    • The task of life is to learn how to live. This task requires more than schooling.
    • Once mastered, however, difficulties disappear miraculously. Problems vanish. A whole new world opens up in front of you. All the problems of life – be they social, political or spiritual – are caused by ignorance. When they are solved on each of us, they will be solved in all of us.
    • Mankind is still in the stage of learning. Every day, we see how we are confronted by our own ignorance and we mistake it for life’s difficulties. In reality, all we have to do is to learn to direct our forces, guided by the light of wisdom. This mastery will put an end to ‘the problems of evil’. To the wise, all such problems have ceased.
    • This wisdom is there for the taking. Get the book now and grow spiritually more than you ever imagined possible.
  • ‘Iron Will Power’ by John Gaines

    • “Iron Will Power” is far from a normal self-help book. With wit and a sardonic tone, Gaines debunks popular concepts about the will, incorporates classical conceptions about human nature and imparts to readers everyday wisdom on how to best live life.
  • ‘Foundations of Success’ by Roger Babson

    • “The fact is, we have become crazy over material things.
    • “We are looking only at the structure above ground. We are trying to get more smoke from the chimney.
    • “We are looking at space instead of service, at profits instead of volume.
    • “With our eyes focused on the structure above ground, we have lost sight of those human resources, thrift, imagination, integrity, vision and faith which make the structure possible.
    • “I feel that only by the business men can this foundation be strengthened before the inevitable fall comes.”
  • ‘Supreme Personality: Get What You Want & Achieve Your Goals’ by Delmer Eugene Croft

    • “Life is self-realization. Every birth is divine.
    • “We are born anew every morning.
    • “My wish is that you may catch the gleam, be freed from limitations and enter upon your boundless possibilities. To bring you into the throne-room of your being, that you may awaken in self-realization, is why I have prepared this course of lessons. Should you give five minutes a day to them, in a year you will know the joy there is in Life, in Power, and in Service.”
  • ‘Strategies For Inner Peace’ by John Atkins

    • ‘Strategies for Inner Peace’ is your guide to the power of meditation. Learn the deeper tenets of self and truth.
    • Acquire spiritual power, realize selfless love, enter into the infinite.
    • Just as saints, sages and saviors you will learn the law of service. The realization of perfect peace is at the center of it.
  • ‘Mastery Of Destiny’ by Jim Allin

    • Allin’s  inspirational and thought-provoking books have inspired millions.
    • In The Mastery of Destiny, he instructs readers on developing self-control, willpower, concentration, and motivation. Through mental discipline, we can create a life of unending happiness, prosperity, and, most importantly, self-mastery.
  • ‘The Heavenly Life’ by James Allen

    • A masterpiece of self-improvement, The Heavenly Life is among the most important books you will add to your library.
    • Learn the fundamentals of what makes a wonderful life, rejoice at the fruits it brings you.
  • ‘Eight Pillars Of Prosperity’ by James Allen

    • “It is popularly supposed that a greater prosperity for individuals or nations can only come through a political and social reconstruction. This cannot be true apart from the practice of the moral virtues in the individuals that comprise a nation. Better laws and social conditions will always follow a higher realization of morality among the individuals of a community, but no legal enactment can give prosperity to, nay it cannot prevent the ruin of, a man or a nation that has become lax and decadent in the pursuit and practice of virtue. The moral virtues are the foundation and support of prosperity as they are the soul of greatness. They endure for ever, and all the works of man which endure are built upon them. Without them there is neither strength, stability, nor substantial reality, but only ephemeral dreams. To find moral principles is to have found prosperity, greatness, truth, and is therefore to be strong, valiant, joyful and free. “
  • ‘Live Life To The Fullest: Byways to Blessedness’ by James Allen

    • James Allen instructs us on how to improve our life and spiritual well-being through the power of positive thinking. He teaches us to live in the present and appreciate the moment. Allen asserts that the power of each person to form his own character and create his own happiness is within.
    • “Life is full of beginnings. They are presented every day and every hour to every person. Most beginnings are small, and appear trivial and insignificant, but in reality they are the most important things in life.” –James Allen
    • ‘As A Man Thinketh’ by James Allen

    • This book is about our thoughts and how they determine our actions and very being. A few quotes will give a good taste of the riches in this book: “A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.”
    • “Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment, of these, if you but remain true to them your world will at last be built.”
  • ‘All These Things Added’ James Allen

    • In seeking for pleasures here and rewards hereafter men have destroyed the Temple of Righteousness, and have wandered from the Kingdom of Heaven.
    • By ceasing to seek for earthly pleasures and heavenly rewards, the Temple of Righteousness is restored and the Kingdom of Heaven is found.
    • This truth is for those who are ready to receive it; and this book also is for those whose souls have been prepared for the acceptance of its teaching. (James Allen)
  • ‘Achieve Your Dreams’ by Russell H. Conway

    • One of the most requested motivational lectures of all time.
    • “I say that you ought to get rich, and it is your duty to get rich … The men who get rich may be the most honest men you find in the community. Let me say here clearly … ninety-eight out of one hundred of the rich men of America are honest. That is why they are rich. That is why they are trusted with money. That is why they carry on great enterprises and find plenty of people to work with them. It is because they are honest men. .”
    • The central idea of the work is that one need not look elsewhere for opportunity, achievement, or fortune—the resources to achieve all good things are present in one’s own community; look in your own backyard for those acres of diamonds.
    • This theme is developed by an introductory anecdote, credited by Conwell to an Arab guide, about a man who wanted to find diamonds so badly that he sold his property and went off in futile search for them. The new owner of his home discovered that a rich diamond mine was located right there on the property. Conwell elaborates on the theme through examples of success, genius, service, or other virtues involving ordinary Americans contemporary to his audience: “dig in your own backyard!”.
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