Affiliates’ Top-3 Payment Options

As an affiliate, you no doubt wonder what’s the best way to get paid. What providers have the lowest fees, and which ones are the most secure? In this post we’ll look into the top-3 payment providers for affiliate marketers.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that PayPal is still in the top-5. With a proven track record spanning two decades, the company has established itself as the online payment solution de rigeur. Nevertheless, what keeps it from getting a better rating?

It’s simple. While PayPal is certainly the easiest provider to set up, there are a number of drawbacks:

  1. The fees: with around 3.5% to almost 5% in transaction fees, depending on your currency and location, PayPal is not exactly cheap.
  2. The exchange rates. PayPal’s own exchange rates can be quite a put-off.
  3. The interface. This is a question of preference, but to our eyes their latest interface is mildly confusing.


A newcomer to the scene, TransferWise made an impressive entrance some years ago. With a fresh, no-frills interface and a winning concept, the company has established itself as a strong contender in the online payment race.

A great choice for freelancers and affiliate marketers a like, you have a number of features to choose from:

  1. Real-time exchange rates
  2. Some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry (around 1% in many cases)
  3. Faster transaction times than banks and other vendors
  4. Free ATM card available to qualifying clients


A favorite among many affiliate programs, Payoneer offers a great deal of features for its users.

With a global outreach, Payoneer is a great and cost-efficient choice.


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