Feed Your Mind The Right Stuff And Prosper

(Guest Post)

If you go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for a good dinner, you’ll pay attention to what you get you’ll choose things of a superior quality.

Not only the enjoyment of the meal but nutritional value will depend on getting the right stuff.

Who wants to eat decayed meat or unsound vegetables?

We value our bodies, and want to supply them with food which is favorable to health.

While the right combination for a good dinner is desirable, the quality of the food for the mind is of far greater importance.

Dyspepsia of the stomach is bad enough, but mental and moral indigestion is much more serious. The mind can be stuffed, starved, or poisoned just like the body.

Mental hunger is a fact and it will get food no matter what. Good or bad. Unfortunately, it is main cuisine is made up of negative thoughts.

Every thought is a force. If our vision were keen enough we could, perhaps, see thoughts in the mental atmosphere around us, and distinguish them.

Selecting the right thoughts is not only important for your character, but its influence affects your physical health too. Sick and evil thoughts express themselves in a sick body. Fear and depression pull down and weaken it.
The process is not rapid, and we often don’t see it until it#s too late.

A bout of anger will cause indigestion, caused by wrong thinking. Depression never comes unless it has been invited.

What is happening to us in the present is always an outcome from the past. It’s silly to blame chance. It’s much better to own up and admit that we it it to ourselves with our wrong and negative thoughts that are wholly our own.

We all have a kind of thought-inventory where we store mental impressions of our past. Though we may have forgotten much, every memory makes us what we are today. For example, a strange phenomena has been see in people in extreme situations. A person who is drowning can suddenly recall all details of his past thinking as the thoughts flash before his eyes.

Thought is creative.

That’s why we must take great care in regulating it. Just as every drop in a chemical mixture changes it, so too every thought we have sweetens or spoils our life.

Everyone suffering from depression are haunted by the past. We can’t change over night, but we can begin to focus on the positive in every situation. Let’s fill our minds with affirmations and aspirations let’s not permit dark thoughts to live rent-free in our minds.

Everything around us takes on the shape of what we think.

The mind has its sunny rooms as well as its dark attics. It’s non-sense to think that you must live in whatever circumstances come along. Choose your own company and your own sunny room.

Consciously choose the right thoughts. Fix your mind on harmony, love, prosperity, health, purity and beauty. They will crowd out their opposites. You will command the situation at your own will.

The real world in which we live is his thought world, and not the mere things that are around us.

Just think of creating your own world!



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