1022 with 40 ibos

$1022 with just 40 distributors - possible?

That’s what we asked ourselves when we got together with our biggest Business Developers.

How do you generate consistent income streams of around $1000 with as little effort as possible?

It’s kind of like asking how many eggs make an omelette. Technically, just one. But the question is, ‘how many eggs make an omelette to feed a family’. Can you make $1022 with just 40 team members?

The short answer is Yes, you could easily generate commissions of $1022 with only 40 team members. Our biggest developers all agreed in unison.

It’s possible and not even that hard.

Let’s break it down.

When you build your organization you focus on numbers. After that, you focus on the quality of performance. Let’s assume that the Pareto Principle of 20/80 holds true, then 20% of your team will outperform the other 80%. That’s 40 out of 200 team members in total.

Now, let’s say that your commission of $1022 is about 20% of the order value generated, including various bonuses and perks we offer.

When each team member generates an order whose retail price is $127.75, you’ll have a total order value of $5110 for all 40 team members – not a huge sum but big enough to pay you a nice $1022.

To summarize, when you coach team members to refer sales worth $127.75 each – that’s about two audiobook bundles and some ebooks – you receive a nice commission down the road with little effort on your part. Pretty neat, right?

It’s all a question of coaching and encouragement. We provide you with all the training materials to make it happen.

It’s all there for the taking.

You can do it.

We believe in you – it’s time you do too.

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